After what feels like ages struggling with my server, Nextcloud is up and running. Yet another step in getting myself self-hosted and decentralized.

I see a lot of folks leveraging microblogging and other "status" based platforms as a sort of positivity journal, and I'm curious if it works. Specifically when used to document creative pursuits, but also generally.

Started moving my hangouts conversations over to alternative messaging platforms. Seems like that chat service is hella dead.

Looking at new headphones since my old pair for work broke. Definitely an opportunity to grab isolating headphones or buds, but damn there are a million choices.

I get the feeling that Mastodon will be the place where I end up posting actual project progress.

I hereby christen this account and server with this 3D printed smol wolf on a papier mâché skull.

I had nothing else better on hand, sorry Trev. XD

Fur Den

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